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I’m currently a programmer with the company OnTimeSupplies.com¬†and work from Chicago. We sell office supplies, furniture, toner, etc. Check out the site and buy something. If you need to get in touch with me, send me an email at sridhar [@] ontimesupplies.com.

I started this blog because there have been many times where I’ve spent countless hours trying to solve a problem only to find out that the solution is very simple. Unfortunately not many people discuss these issues and hence it becomes very hard to google for the answer. So I’m hoping that people having the same issues I’ve had before find my post on Google and go “this is exactly what I was looking for.” I may on occasion post other topics on this blog. Things that interest me like photography and cool technology.

If you found any of my posts useful, leave a comment, and also make sure you link to it (from your site, Digg it, post it on forums, whatever). Also leave tags. The more links and tags, the better chance someone else out there with the same problem will find the post on Google.

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